Our capabilities

Efficient pre-painted metal

BlueScope Coated Products specialize in helping manufacturers move away from inefficient post-painted processes and instead produce highly efficient and environmentally friendly pre-painted metal.

How our process works

  • Dedicated supply chain teams identify a customer’s needs. They then design coating systems that meet their specific requirements.
  • Our teams then create cost savings by streamlining work-in-process inventories, material handling, operating costs, compliance and insurance costs.
  • Our process offers customers access to an Electronic Data Interchange and CoilTracker – an internet-based inventory management information system. From here, customers can easily manage their pre-painted metal.

Locations and capabilities

As an industry leader in the pre-painted metal coil industry, BlueScope Coated Products take steps to ensure the final product meets the highest quality standards.

Our seven strategically located facilities and wide range of processing capabilities serve both the construction and consumer markets.


Our ISO certificates signify that our processes work efficiently and effectively, and they are consistent with international best practices. Find out more about our sites and certifications.